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Small enough to move Fast , Clever enough to lead, Bold enough to challenge

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Job titleAvailable languagesWork modelLocationSalary
Business Development Manager NLRemote
  • Netherlands
€4,000 - €5,000 per monthView job
Cloud Software Architect (Teamlead)Remote
  • Netherlands
€5,500 - €6,500 per monthView job
Financieel medewerkerRemote
  • Netherlands
€2,500 - €3,600 per monthView job
People OfficerRemote
  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands
+1 more
€3,000 - €4,000 per monthView job
Sales Executive NLRemote
  • Netherlands
€4,000 - €5,000 per monthView job
Business Development Manager NL
  • Netherlands
€4,000 - €5,000 per month
Cloud Software Architect (Teamlead)
  • Netherlands
€5,500 - €6,500 per month
Financieel medewerker
  • Netherlands
€2,500 - €3,600 per month
People Officer
  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands
+1 more
€3,000 - €4,000 per month
Sales Executive NL
  • Netherlands
€4,000 - €5,000 per month

About us

Digitization has fundamentally changed our world and technology now plays an unavoidable role in our daily lives. We at Intercept cater to that change to make software-driven organizations work faster, more efficiently and more securely. Without them actually noticing we're there! Our expertise is demonstrated through the certifications and acknowledgments we've earned from both Microsoft and our valued customers.

We call ourselves Interceptors and we have created an atmosphere of a "community within a community." With a high Avengers attitude (“I can do this all day”) we are working daily to empower our customers and each other. We are ambitious, driven and innovative. But make no mistake, we work hard but also get a lot in return. For example, working 100% remotely within the EU or simply being able to pick up your child from school.

Meet our Interceptors!

Jan Willem Buiten

Azure .NET Developer "As a software developer I have a passion for state-of-the-art software solutions. Within Intercept I have the opportunity to advise and support our customers to develop the right solution within their cloud journey. In addition to that, I am partly responsible for the development of our own internal software solutions."

Leonor Sa

Azure Data Engineer s a remote worker at Intercept, I've found a perfect blend of autonomy and companionship. Every day presents exciting challenges and learning opportunities, pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. The flexibility to work on my own schedule also enhances my productivity and work-life balance. But what truly sets Intercept apart is the unwavering support and trust from colleagues and management alike. I feel empowered to make impactful decisions, contributing to the company's success while continuously improving my skills. 

Wesley Haakman

Principal Azure Architect "At Intercept I have plenty of room to be creative. I enjoy being challenged by my peers and enjoy the types of customers we work with. Every day is different but that’s what makes it fun!"

Simon Lee

Azure Consultant

As an Azure Consultant, I get to opportunity to help our customers grow and develop their Azure environment. Alongside that, I also support the Managed Services Team and help them grow in knowledge and experience. This means that every day provides its unique opportunities for learning and development which is super fun!

The core values of a Interceptor

Ambitious experts

Interceptors are experts in their field. We are motivated, curious and always chasing innovation. We always want to learn and grow. Not just for ourselves but also for and with the company.​

Like a smile, our shared passion is contagious. We share the latest features and know-how among each other. Not just from behind the computer we also like a good BBQ, a game of table tennis or discuss the latest and greatest over a good drink.​

Pragmatic thinking

We are natural doers with a pragmatic approach. We see opportunities, formulate a plan and set to work in a hands-on way. Yes, we like to have a process in place for stuff but it needs to work for us, not against us.​​

We don't like long lingering bureaucratic decisions, but just make a choice with a sober look at the situation. And then to continue. ​

​Speed is important. Nothing will happen if we stand still. We find movement essential. Just like a down-to-earth attitude and ​just being yourself.

Flexible operation

We are a rapidly growing international company. We like to go the extra mile to keep innovating. Moving at the same pace of the market requires us to be flexible. And we are. ​

We are not afraid to make mistakes, we learn from them. Learning by doing is a part of every Interceptor.​

Do you have an idea? It doesn't matter if it's in the box, out of the box, up-side-down or in Klingon. If it's good we're going for it.​ There is always someone to listen to your best idea ever and help you get started right away.

Genuinely involved

An  Interceptor is always there for you and has already offered ​help before you even asked for it. ​ ​ Thinking along and helping without expecting anything in return. Just because we believe that together we can achieve greater results. ​

We are informal and open. You can approach anyone. We're so involved "anyone" might just approach you instead!

A word from recruiter Amarins

"My name is Amarins, and I am a Corporate Recruiter at Intercept. That means that I am responsible for adding new Interceptors to our family. After six months of working here, I can say that I am where I need to be! I chose to work for Intercept because of the warm and family-like feeling they gave me. I felt right at home from the first day. And the possibility to arrange my schedule and work remotely when I want (or need) gives me endless possibilities and a great sense of freedom. With a young family at home, this means everything to me. Do you see yourself working here too? Feel free to contact me via or call me at +31 682061963!"